Latest IQR 6 Update

Another major update for IQR 6 is now available (IQR 6.4) to download, click download now for new installations, or you can simply update your existing IQR 6.2.x or 6.3.x install.  To extract the installation files for new installs, contact IQR International at 949-487-5400.


To update the your existing clients and server, double click on update.exe in the IQR Client directory (default: C:\IQR Inventory Management) and it will update the files for the client, server and the databases on the server.  All subsequent client updates will only update the client.


The following paragraphs recap the program enhancements and bug fixes in this latest release:

 Added Locations button on Part Detail screen that will show all locations of a part number from the AllRecords dataset.

 When adding new comments, cursor is placed in top left hand corner of comment block.

 Added ability to automatically insert user name at the beginning of comment (Admin | System Configuration | Comment Settings).

 Added ability to automatically insert date at the beginning of comment (Admin | System Configuration | Comment Settings).

 Added ability to include action code description to custom reports.

 When selecting an action code, only those action codes with descriptions appear in the list.

 Added new user type - Site Admin. Site Admins have same access as Administrators, except for User management (Admin | System Configuration | User Settings).

 Added options for dataset management when creating new users. (Full Access, Admin controlled, Default Access to new datasets if currently have access to AllRecords dataset).

 Added warning message to IQR Clients that will notify the user if the IQR Server was updated, but the IQR Client was not.

 Fixed error that causes the IQR to not display status bar at the bottom of screen.

 Exporting Custom Reports only exports custom fields that are contained in the exported reports.

 Fixed error when removing action code from part in a Custom report that is filtering on action codes.

 Fixed error when deleting a dataset that is contained in a Union, without removing the dataset from the Union.

 Fixed error when scheduled processing was set for between 00:00 and 1:00.


IQR 6.4 is available at no additional cost as part of the IQR Software Maintenance Agreement.