Customer Testimonials

“It may sound unorthodox for a $15 billion global corporation to select the simple logic and low-risk strategies that IQR provides to regain control of their inventories; but perhaps our greatest learning is that the simplest solution is often the most effective.  This tool invites buyers and planners to do the right thing.

Eric Matson, Global Lean Operations, Carrier Corporation


“As Senior Principal of Supply Chain for a Private Equity firm, we have used IQR at several of our portfolio companies to reduce inventories. The results have been phenomenal with payback happening sometimes in the first day. IQR has allowed us to focus on our immediate and actionable opportunities. It shows us exactly where the potential is and takes the guess work out of decisions. With our diverse industries, we needed a solution that was quick to implement, easy to use, flexible and most of all effective. Using our standard MRP/ERP systems simply wasn’t enough. IQR has opened our eyes to better ways of managing one of our largest balance sheet items – Inventory.”

Jennifer Vaughn, Sr. Principal Supply Chain, American Capital


“We use the IQR software, a dynamic Pareto-analysis tool, with data from SAP to prioritize our highest value inventory decisions and corrections.  IQR is what we were looking for and trying to develop in house for a long time. Don't reinvent the wheel when a can't miss solution is readily available.”

Joe Witkowski, Manager Business Integration, Dr Pepper Snapple Group


“IQR was a no-brainer for us”

Jerry Selsor, Materials Manager, Bunn-O-Matic Corporation


“We've had surprisingly good results with IQR.  It can be fully up and delivering results within a few weeks.  I can't think of a better toolset to get on top of an out of control inventory situation.”

George J. Miller, President, Facilitator Group


“IQR brought all of the inventory information together in one place.  We justified the purchase of the software based upon the inventory reduction potential in purchased parts. We recouped our investment very quickly and have now put ALL inventories on the tool: raw materials, WIP and finished goods.”

Ken Peterson, Materials Manager North America, ERICO


“ERP/MRP is not the most efficient tool for the complete inventory management task.  A year ago, we began to use the Inventory Quality Ratio (IQR) software.  With data extracted from our MRP system, the Planners were able to focus (pareto-style) their attention and efforts on the largest dollar volume items first.  In that relatively short amount of time they have reduced Excess and Obsolete raw materials by 32%, while at the same time the business has been increasing shipments and revenue.  With IQR, the measurement of inventory performance is a piece of cake.”

William A. Roy, Sr., Material Planning Manager, Tyco Electronics


"IQR provides a set of tools that any Supply Chain Manager would love to have. I have used it at two companies. It doesn't matter if your business is MRP, Lean, or Min/Max driven. These tools provide the information that planners need at a mouse click to address the critical inventory issues. Before IQR, planners spent too much time trying to collect information. With IQR, planners see the issues and have more time to resolve them. If you see a demonstration, you should be impressed."

Tim Steffen, Materials Manager, Kerr Corporation


“The Inventory Quality Ratio (IQR) is a measure of inventory performance that has the added benefit of providing actionable information to help us improve our inventory performance. IQR is an additional tool that we use along with our SAP operating system.  IQR pulls data from our SAP system and provides us reporting and drill down capability that has assisted us with our inventory management from new products to spares support and excess and obsolete inventory.  I really like the fact that when we put action comments on a particular part number it provides everyone the information in real time.  We have heavily used the custom report functionality to slice and dice the information to segment actionable items. When the information is fresh it gives us a fighting chance to consume inventory for use.”

Jerry Kukuruda, Business Operations Manager, LSI Corporation

“We use IQR to track our entire inventory. We were able to maintain a consistent inventory level through a business growth cycle with IQR.  The tool is now allowing us to control the incremental takedown of inventory during an economic slowdown.”

Kohler Company


“Inventory metrics which fail to address the usability of on-hand inventory are insufficient in measuring the true value of what is in stock. Inventory Turns and DIO both are inadequate in that they do not take into account the usefulness of the inventory on hand. With IQR, Carrier has been able to quickly monitor performance at individual factories and identify opportunities for improving Inventory Performance.”

Brian Coats, Carrier Corporation