The Inventory Quality Ratio (IQR) software is a dynamic analytical toolset for managing inventory dollars and improving inventory performance.  The IQR logic was developed by 35 materials managers and it works with any MRP, DRP, ERP or SCM system. 


The easy-to-use features of IQR allow planners, buyers and managers to:

· Quickly identify good, bad and excess inventories

· Measure performance by inventory segment (product line, supplier, etc.)

· Set realistic reduction objectives and track performance over time

· Avoid shortages of purchased parts and finished goods

· Drill down on problem areas with prioritized corrective actions

· Easily evaluate current safety stocks, order quantities, etc.

· Monitor inventory movement as the demands change

· Rebalance inventories among various supply chain locations

· Better manage financial reserves and avoid future write-offs.


IQR assesses your potential for inventory reduction and then shows you exactly where to get it.  Best of all, installation and on-site user training are completed in only three days and no additional data entry is required.



IQR 6 is the client/server version in the long line of IQR software products. Some of its new inventory management features and functions include:


· Currency conversion for global inventory analysis

· Choice of either Day's Supply or Week's Supply mode

· Enhanced processing logic for uneven demand

· Option of weekly requirements data for first month

· Additional visibility of open supply orders

· Multi-site analysis to identify transfer opportunities

· New “Tree View” user interface

· Expanded filter capability to create more granular datasets

· Centralized server-based processing with thin clients

· Customize your own field names throughout the program

· Update action codes and comments for multiple parts at one time

· Centralized Administrative functions to manage licenses and datasets.


The IQR 6.0 Server is MS SQL based and can be installed your existing MS SQL Enterprise Server, or comes with an installable version of MSDE. The IQR 6.0 Client supports the following Microsoft operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10.



Contact us for a remote demo or a free IQR analysis of your inventories.